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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Mar 18, 2019

Author | Teacher | Online Strategist | Business Building Bosslady | Cheerleader For The Underdogs

Martha's philosophy about life and business is "stop wishing, and start working". She is amazing at seeing the big picture for businesses, then working out the details of automating great sales experiences for them.

Her resume speaks for itself. Having successfully run four businesses in the past, Martha makes business building simple and achievable.

Even though she is very "techy" at heart, she makes things easy to understand for people that are not. She loves empowering people to have a heavy hand in their very own success.

She also has a huge soft spot in her heart for the people that are feeling "stuck" in life. The ones that have ended up in a job or career that doesn't fulfill them. She LOVES showing them how to replace their income by working from home, so they can create the life of their DREAMS from that launching pad.

That being said, she doesn't just teach about how to do #allthethings. She also creates free sales funnels, email templates and more since she understands most people simply don't have the time to create these things on their own.

Finally, in addition to helping entrepreneurs online, she hosts in-person workshops around the world for those that need to get "unstuck" in their road to success.