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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jan 2, 2018

Episode 30: Finding and Living with Faith with Rabbi Lazar Brody
What is the one thing in our lives, that if we focused on, could lead us living a life of joy and fulfillment? 
Rabbi Lazar Brody, spiritual guide, international speaker, best selling author, and translator of the Garden of Emuna joins us this week to discuss emuna.  We cover a lot of ground in our conversation; from Rabbi Brody's path as a college student in Maryland to a combat veteran, from a prison chaplain to finding his mentor and rabbi, Rabbi Shalom Arush and their subsequent journey as international spokespeople helping others live more happy and healthy spiritual lives.
 Rabbi Brody discusses how to relate to challenges in life, whats missing in religion, and how to begin building a real relationship with G-d.  We discuss why some people aren't cut out to be spiritual leaders, how to start, and what the world needs to reach perfection.  
This is one for the ages that you won't want to miss! 

For more information on Rabbi Brody, read his book the Trail to Tranquility, which I have read and found life changing, his blog, or the website