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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

May 1, 2018

Aleeza Ben Shalom has been successfully coaching singles and older singles for over a decade and has helped over 70 singles find their soulmate and get married.

She joins us this week with a wealth of real, raw, and valuable ideas that you can implement right now, today, to shift your perspective on dating and begin attracting the right person.

These deep concepts cut to the core of many seemingly petty issues in dating and help focus the mind on the important things, such as developing an unwavering sense of self confidence and understanding personal strengths and weaknesses.

She also suggests ways to overcome many of the hurdles in dating such as lack of support, energy, confidence, and personal responsibility. Ultimately, Mrs. Ben Shalom boils successful dating down to one key factor, and shows us how to achieve that success in our own lives.

Connect with Aleeza online at and check out her book Get Real Get Married, a book to help singles get over the hurdles and under the chuppah.