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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jun 21, 2018

Such an exciting week to finally have Mrs. Chana Levitan on the show to share her professional insights about the state of marriage today, what makes the act of marriage so powerful, and why it's even more relevant today than it was from the very beginning. As a trained and certified marriage counselor and therapist, Chana has gotten an inside look at marriages from all over the world to understand what it is that keeps us from having the best marriages possible, and what makes every single marriage uniquely powerful and empowering.

This week, we delve into one of the biggest questions people of all ages and across all cultural and societal backgrounds face: why should we get married? We discuss the power of marriage in elevating our level of self-actualization beyond what we can accomplish on our own, and what marriage offers that I no other relationship can give us. Finally, as every good Lift Your Legacy episode includes, we develop the concept of a third-party marriage mentor and the significance of such a relationship to maintaining a growth-oriented marriage.

Follow Mrs. Chana Levitan online on Facebook and on her website to see where in the world her research will take her next, and keep an eye out for her newest project, Why Marriage?