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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jul 10, 2018

After six years living in Asia, delving into Eastern philosophies, actively participating in silent meditation retreats, and developing a sense of inner awareness, Dov Ber found himself in the midst of deep Jewish philosophy in Jerusalem, grappling with questions that he was never before able to satisfy, and learning from the direct sources of Jewish texts and commentaries.

He made aliyah in 2008 and has been sharing his experiences with Eastern religion and Judaism with a wide array of students and teachers from varied backgrounds, developing Jewish concepts of self-awareness and inner peace with mindfulness and meditation along the way.

Today, he shares snippets of his journey and so much of the profound insight he’s garnered during his years of learning, boiling down universally key concepts and showing us the power and importance of understanding our minds, bodies, and souls.