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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Aug 16, 2017

As a life coach and founder of The Redemption School of Coaching and Transformation, Rivka Malka pulls from her own experiences of hitting rock bottom, feeling truly helpless and miserable, and eventually, through a lot of hard work and introspection, coming out on the other side. She brings this perspective to her life-coaching, infusing her teachings with Torah wisdom for today’s women and hitting on the truths of self-actualization. Rivka Malka works from the basis that every individual is, at their core, whole and magnificent, and through guided introspective, you can bring out that awareness and knowledge for yourself.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

1). Life is all about changing who you are on the inside.

2). What holds women back from reaching their potential and living as their happiest selves.

3). The importance of changing your perspective to learn and grow from any situation.