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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Sep 12, 2017

Lori Palatnik is a writer and Jewish educator, who has appeared on television and radio and is the author of several books. 

She is a much sought-after international speaker, having lectured in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Central America, South America, South Africa and Israel, including featured talks at Yale, Brown, and Penn.

Lori is the Founding Director of The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, an international initiative that has brought almost 12,000 men and women to Israel, since 2009 from 26 different countries, on highly subsidized programs to inspire them with the beauty and wisdom of their heritage. 

In this episode you will learn:

1) How to navigate career change so that it fits your family and stays true to your life.

2) How to figure out an idea that changes the world, and bring that mission to fruition. 

3) How to stay present, know how control your "mental noise," and build a relationship with G-d