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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jul 11, 2019

Chanie Gluck is a driven entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran of the medical billing business.  In 2002, she launched her first medical billing company (4D Medical) serving hospitals and physician groups of all specialties.  Chanie operated 4D Medical for 13 years and eventually sold the business to an established competitor. Throughout this period, Chanie faced recurring challenges in hiring skilled staff motivated to deliver superior services. Chanie travelled to India and discovered an abundance of billing skills and dedicated human resources personnel. She quickly formed a back office operation to support her medical billing business.  
In 2015, Chanie narrowed her focus by founding 4D Global - a medical billing staffing company located in Chennai, India. Chennai is a hub for medical billing talent with a robust, round-the-clock workforce. Chanie began offering other medical billing companies significant opportunities for cost-efficient data entry, coding and revenue cycle management. Chanie has traveled to India many times and deeply admires the work-ethic and integrity of the culture. Today, 4D Global offers offshore resources to all medical billing and software companies across the U.S.  Currently, 4D Global serves a wide variety of business clients in 16 states. Chanie also formed and hosts a monthly Mastermind session for owners of medical billing companies featuring industry leaders.
Chanie is able to capitalize on the years of experience building and perfecting systems and processes to maximize efficiency, communication, and protection of confidential information. India is growing exponentially with a reputation as the industrial engine of offshore medical billing. Chanie is thrilled to help businesses grow and scale their businesses profitably by leveraging global resources in India, the Philippines and Mexico.

Chanie is married to Izzy Yetnikoff, a personal injury attorney, and together they have two girls, two boys, and live in Scottsdale, Arizona.