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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jan 14, 2019

Jenny Serle has worked in Jewish outreach, first through NCSY and then J-Life YP, for over a decade. Through guiding many along their teshuva process, she began to focus her efforts on the baal teshuva population. She has developed engaging classes that provide tools and confidence to enable continued growth and success. Jenny currently runs multiple weekly chaburos, and regularly mentors frum young women on issues such as personal growth, dating, marriage, parenting and more, and is also a trained kallah teacher. Jenny lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and children.

In this jam packed episode, we cover:

- a feeling of security and confidence in ones capability to navigate and be successful in his/her frum life

- the importance of proper mentorship and guidance throughout ones stages of growth and throughout life - how to seek these out and how there may be multiple sources of good guidance that a BT can establish for him/herself

- the importance of seeing oneself as a giver, with the capacity to be contributive and beneficial to the frum community of which he/she is a member

A link to her book is here: