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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jul 31, 2018

Rabbi Yom Tov started his journey in the heart of Los Angeles upper middle class society, living next to a rock drummer and Dustin Hoffman, and pushing the boundaries of society to find the deeper meaning in his life. He lived externally as cool as anyone could dream to be, and internally was broken and rotten. Eventually he became connected to Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, learning directly from Rav Noah Weinberg z"tl to understand the power of the Divine structure of the Torah and the lifestyle of genuine Judaism. Today, Rabbi Yom Tov teaches a life-changing seminar on finding the internal self and opening up the endless possibilities for self, working with business executives in the corporate world and rabbis and teachers in the education world. Listen in to hear the core teachings of this epic journey and find out where Rabbi Yom Tov sees the future of Judaism going tomorrow and onwards.


Find Rabbi Yom Tov on Facebook and teaching regularly at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem.