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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Apr 8, 2019

A self-made millionaire at 15-years-old, David Ghiyam was immersed in the investment world and medical field before experiencing a roller coaster ride on the financial spectrum. With his vast insight, he is a catalyst for people to realize that abundance and fulfillment begin on the inside with a strong spiritual practice.

Paul Gellar, also a successful tech entrepreneur found spirituality and deep meaning in the teaching of kabbalah. Together, they built the Kabbalah One online course, which distills this ancient mystical wisdom into practical and approachable concepts and tools that will transform your understanding of the Universe and your purpose in it. Kabbalah One teaches users a system for how to make decisions and handle challenges.

In this episode, we discuss the differences and methodology of building spiritual practice in your life, rethinking and making religion more engaging for those who are looking for meaning, and the common ideas that connect us all.