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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jun 29, 2017

Matt Sweetwood is well known as a CEO, a successful entrepreneur, an award winning marketer, a social media influencer and a personal branding expert. Matt is currently U.S. CEO & CRO of beBee, Inc., a new professional social network that helps build successful personal brands. He served as President of Unique Photo®,...

Jun 29, 2017

In this episode you will hear how Rabbi Klatzko 

a.  found the proper mentors to propel his greatness

b. learned how to listen to his heart and overcome the doubt and fear that accompanies leaving the established path.

c. builds and scales massive projects.

d. found peace within himself by building his dreams

e. raises...

Jun 29, 2017

Ever wonder how you could use your short comings as an asset, and how its possible to achieve whatever you set your mind to?

In this episode, you'll learn why I started the Lift Your Legacy Podcast, and my background.  

At a glance, you'll learn the following:

How I lost 100 lbs over the course of my life, why I left...