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Lift Your Legacy Podcast with Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Dec 24, 2019

Nealy Fischer is the founder of The Flexible Chef and best-selling author of FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, which features 100+ customizable recipes that people can transform into 1,000 different dishes. Inside her book, she also dishes up tips to banish meal prep stress and live your most craveable life. As a...

Dec 17, 2019

Shmuel Reichman is an inspirational speaker, writer, and coach who has lectured internationally at shuls, conferences, and Jewish communities on topics of Jewish Thought and Jewish Medical Ethics.

He is the founder and CEO of Self-Mastery Academy (, the transformative online course that is...

Dec 10, 2019

Damon D’Amore is a performance specialist who mentors corporate C-Suite leaders and founding teams of venture-back high-growth companies. His work focuses on mindset, resilience and storytelling enabling leaders to manifest their personal or organizational.

With more than twenty-six years’ experience...